Exi Grunnleggende

Målgruppe: Personell som er involvert i installasjon, inspeksjon og valg av utstyr i eksplosjonsfarlige områder.

Varighet: 3 dager

Kurstype: Teori i klasserom med praktiske eksempler i verksted

Forkunnskaper: Kunnskap innen elektro- eller automasjonsfaget

Språk: Norsk eller engelsk

Pris: NOK 11 200,-

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This course gives the candidate a basic understanding of the principles of intrinsically safe loops in different hazardous environments.

Different physical conditions affect the construction and influence the safety. It’s important that you understand how to act safe and install the correct equipment in accordance with established safety standards.

Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will have sufficient understanding of intrinsically safe design, selection, installation, inspection and maintenance in a potentially explosive environment.

Learning objectives:

  • General principles for type of protection and marking applicable for intrinsically safe components.
  • Applicable standards for Exi.
  • Be able to select the correct Exi level of protection (Exi, ia, ib, ic)
  • Select and install the correct Exi equipment in hazardous areas in accordance with IEC 60079-14, 60079-11 and 60079-25.
  • Assessment and verification of intrinsically safe circuits.
  • Understand how to work in a safe manner on IS .
  • Qualifications for working on Exi installations.
  • Understand how to design an Exi loop in accordance with IEC 60079-14 and 60079-25.
  • Understand how to verify and calculate an Exi loop.
  • Know where to find and read: relevant standards, datasheets and other relevant literature.


  • NEK EN 60079-11
  • NEK EN 60079-14
  • NEK EN 60079-25
  • IEC 60079-11
  • IEC 60079-14
  • IEC 60079-25