CompEx certification in Norway

BY IN Nyheter On 22. mars 2018

CompEx certification in Norway
Verification of knowledge and skills

CompEx is an international scheme for validating practical and theoretical competency of employees working in an explosive atmosphere. CompEx certification is used by major oil operators and contractors.

ExTek is the only CompEx certified center in Norway, located just outside of Stavanger.

“The CompEx certification meets the competence validation requirements for companies working on Norwegian continental shelf and worldwide” says Krister Malmin, Instructor at ExTek. “A five day CompEx Ex01-04 includes refresher training and competency validation. The course really pushes the candidates’ skills, and they must prove their knowledge by passing several practical and a theoretical exam”.

Gudveig Elin Undheim, Sales and Centre Manager at Extek, says: “Companies want to ensure that their employees have the knowledge and skills to perform their work. CompEx is the most wide spread certification scheme, and we are glad to see that this internationally recognized certification is appreciated in Norway. CompEx have issued more than 72.000 Ex certifications worldwide and is the most well-known certification scheme for personal working in explosive atmosphere.

ExTek offers e learning for pre-study and to support the CompEx training.

If you are interested in CompEx verification of your employees or e-learning pre-study, please contact us or click below to get an overview.


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